Saturday, August 29, 2009

Champions Online: First Impressions

by Oozo

Looks like I will be making the move from Warhammer Online to Champions Online. Champions Online has it's problems in the area of PvP balance, but it has one BIG intangible going for it. It's fun, despite it's PvP flaws.

The animations and pace of action is very good IMO and should be enough to keep me going for awhile. I'll see what I can do with the PvP aspect of the game. I'm not really a FoTMer type of personality and this game is going to be all about the FoTM if you want to do well in PvP.

Below is a short movie with commentary I did from first day open beta clips. There are anti-kiting melee abilities. The one thing you will absolutely need to avoid if doing a melee-concept for your character are melee energy builders. You must use a ranged energy builder or you will be severely gimping yourself for PvP. And, that's unfortunate.

The last fights with Oozo are done with an ability called Thunderbolt Lunge. Honestly the ability was on the OP side of things. It has been nerfed recently and given a cooldown, so it's no longer spammable.

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