Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Couple of New Movies

by Raggok


I'm posting a couple of movies at once using two different builds. One is a full tactics build and the other is a full shield build. Both builds have often been described as "bad" on the forums so I wanted to check them out. ;)

The first movie is using a full Tactics build using Ion Cell.

The second movie is run with a full Shield build.  And please please please don't take a good bit of this movie seriously.  :P 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back: CIVIL WAR End Rush Counter Strategy

by Raggok


Between work and the PvP dailies it's been difficult to sit down and work on movies. I'll probably be releasing more "unedited" warzone footage in the future until they change the way PvP dailies work. It takes a bit of time to get all the armaments you need for yourself and for your friends without resorting to the extreme lameness that is kill-trading. More on that later.

For now, however, I present a Civil War strategy video. A very common opening strategy is what I will call an End Rush strategy. The idea behind rushing the ends is to capture the turrets with the side speeders at the beginning of the match since they are much easier to defend than the middle. Teams will typically send 3-4 to their side and 5-4 to the enemy side while completely ignoring the middle turret.

The strategy used in this movie is a hard counter to teams that try to rush the ends. With a four man premade we send someone with a speed boost to the left turret. That could be a Jedi with Force Speed or a Vanguard with Hold the Line, for example. The other three drop down on the left side and move straight across to cut off the enemy who would be on their way to our turret. They should be cut off about half way allowing the turret to be captured. You then fall back and protect that turret using the left speeder for quick recovery if you die.

It's very difficult to take a defended side turret with a team protecting it, even if outgeared or outnumbered. Since the end rush strategy typically ignores the middle you will start with two turrets provided that the four PUGs you are with aren't a liability.

In the event that the enemy does not try to take your turret, all you have to do is wall jump to middle which puts you in a nice position behind the enemy where their ranged and healers will be exposed.

If you manage to get an 8 man preform, I would suggest sending one to your turret, three to cut off the enemy if they are rushing your side and four to middle. If you have a strong 1v1 stealther they can go to the enemy turret leaving three going to middle. I'd only do that if you have an exceptional 1v1 stealther who can kill quickly, however.

The main portion of this movie is a warzone match against a 5-man preform from Zeitgeist. They are currently the guild with the farthest PvE progression on our server. They also have a few players who are quite good at PvP. So, they have the best of both worlds when it comes to gear. You will notice their HP and damage output is quite good. They aren't pushovers, which is why I chose to include them in this movie. They beat us at the first battle physically, but we won the war because of our strategy.

Also, keep in mind that what happens in warzones at the moment is highly dependent on who is in there with you. Our 4 PUGs were likely better than their 3 PUGs. Case in point, they had a sniper with around 11K HP I think.

For the Vanguards out there, I'm using a full Tactics build in this movie while running Ion Cell and a shield generator. I typically hit 10 medals in the Civil War and quite often hit Immortal. I don't have a snare and my damage output isn't nearly as good as it was with the High Impact Bolt build so it's not the best solo build out there. However, I think I offer more to my team having access to Guard. And Hold the Line, well that's still a must have IMO no matter what build you are using.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back 8: 50 Vanguard Tactics/Assault 1v1s and 1vNs

by Raggok


This is another entertainment style vid.  I've indicated the HP of my opponents just to give an idea of what their gear level is.  HP is definitely not a good way to judge skill, however.

I start this movie off with a couple of losses because people need to understand that I am a mature and level-headed PvPer.  I won't publicly trash talk or demean people I kill or beat in PvP.  I'd like to expect the same from others, but I know I can't.  I lose fights against good players.  It happens.  Sometimes I am outgeared.  Sometimes my crucial cooldowns aren't up.  Sometimes I lose because of a class disadvantage (like mercenaries when fighting me, for example).  Sometimes I just flat-out get outplayed.  I expect that most players experience the same.

I've chosen (with a few exceptions) to go with "nail-biter" types of fights in this movie with very close outcomes.  Most of the people in this movie are well-geared or at least have better overal gear than myself.  My gear is a mixture of centurion and champion gear.  I do not have biochem, however I will pop consumables here and there.  :)

When I set out to make a movie, I typically have one of two goals in mind.  And, that is either to educate or entertain.

I hope you enjoy.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back 7: 50 Vanguard 1v1s and 1vNs

by Raggok


This is an entertainment-styled video featuring gameplay on a 50 Vanguard using a Tactics/Assault hybrid build.

The content is a mixture of 1v1s, 1vNs, and some tricks/tips.  The 1v1s are all against players with 15K+ hit points.  For the 1v1s, I avoided clips using my relic and Battle Focus as they can burn someone down very quickly if they don't use consumables as well.  For the 1vNs, everything is fair game as 1vNs in SWTOR are much harder to pull off than in other games.

I have made a few comments about some things that need to be fixed that you can see occur in the movie itself.

1. Players should not be able to accept a warzone queue while in combat.

2. Point blank AoEs often times fail to hit people who are clearly in the AoE area. This happens with Neural Surge, Pulse Cannon, Explosive Surge, etc.

3. I originally thought the green bubble was an animation for Hunker Down, but it isn't. Does Hunker Down have a clear animation or do I actually have to look at the tiny buff bar to see when it is up?

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back: One Night in Ilum (Patch 1.1)

by Raggok


This is a one song collection of some clips captured on the first night of patch 1.1 in Ilum.  We were out there for around 2 hours or so I'd guess and had some really fun small scale fights.  I don't mind being outnumbered.  In fact, being outnumbered is the fun side of things as long as you aren't outnumbered so badly it becomes unmanageable.

Hopefully, Bioware can find the right formula to keep Ilum from turning into a spawn camp by the higher population faction.  Because when you can actually get out there and find some fights it has a lot of potential.

Some suggestions we have for Bioware:

1.  Damage should remove players from speeders
2.  Don't allow people to escape via warzone when in combat

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back: Let's play BUTTHAUL! (L50 Vanguard)

by Raggok

EDIT:  Alternate link for those not able to view on Youtube.


This is my first level 50 movie for Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  The focus is on Huttball with some tips and tricks from the point of view of a Vanguard playing a Tactics/Assault hybrid.  For the time being, I'm going to have to keep my projects on the shorter side of things due to real life work.  Hopefully, however, that will allow me to put out movies a bit faster.

This movie does not have voice-over commentary as my previous movies.  Instead, many of the clips have live vent discussion.  Commentary is done with text as needed.

Many of the things  covered here are basic and already known, but it might be useful to some.  There are some other things I want to go over with regards to Huttball but it will have to wait for a future movie.  Things covered in this movie are as follows:

  • Get behind the enemy and in front of your runner to give the runner options
  • Don't throw to someone stuck on the wrong side of a trap
  • Use the hazards and harpoon for quick-scoring opportunities
  • Jump through the acid pit to avoid the snare (or use Hold the Line)
  • Throw the ball away when stuck in a bad situation
  • Use Hold the Line to avoid being pulled

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Oozo Strikes Back: 35-49 Vanguard High Impact Build

    by Raggok

    So, instead of making a second 31-39 Vanguard movie I decided to grind out the levels to 50.  There were just too many geared 50s showing up on Empire and I didn't want to fall too far behind the curve.  The difference between a geared 50 and a fresh 50 is quite huge.

    Thus, I changed focus for the fourth movie in this series and decided to make it a 35-49 movie.  Movies after this one will be level 50.  As with the previous movie, I have added commentary.  Some of the topics covered are listed below.

    • My build at 50
    • Conserving cooldowns
    • Line of sight (yes, again... it's that important)
    • Using interrupts
    • Fighting DPS Mercs
    • Predicting the enemy
    • Using objects to drop combat
    Time go gear up, I guess.  I didn't have much luck with my 6 Champion bags when I hit 50. One earring and one implant.  :)

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