Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back: 35-49 Vanguard High Impact Build

by Raggok

So, instead of making a second 31-39 Vanguard movie I decided to grind out the levels to 50.  There were just too many geared 50s showing up on Empire and I didn't want to fall too far behind the curve.  The difference between a geared 50 and a fresh 50 is quite huge.

Thus, I changed focus for the fourth movie in this series and decided to make it a 35-49 movie.  Movies after this one will be level 50.  As with the previous movie, I have added commentary.  Some of the topics covered are listed below.

  • My build at 50
  • Conserving cooldowns
  • Line of sight (yes, again... it's that important)
  • Using interrupts
  • Fighting DPS Mercs
  • Predicting the enemy
  • Using objects to drop combat
Time go gear up, I guess.  I didn't have much luck with my 6 Champion bags when I hit 50. One earring and one implant.  :)

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  1. first! and nice btw, I'm watching it right, want some epic action!

  2. Eagerly awaiting your next video, Oozo.

  3. It's rendering right now. It's a short movie on Huttball. I have a ton of clips but have to keep it short ATM due to RL work.

  4. Just a thought but when you are fighting the spetsnaz fella around 5:15 you should have step away from him and used harpoon to interrupt that Tracer then your CD would have been up if u needed to get the next one with riot strike :) I'm sure you have thought of this many times just thought I would throw it out there :)