Monday, January 16, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back: Let's play BUTTHAUL! (L50 Vanguard)

by Raggok

EDIT:  Alternate link for those not able to view on Youtube.


This is my first level 50 movie for Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  The focus is on Huttball with some tips and tricks from the point of view of a Vanguard playing a Tactics/Assault hybrid.  For the time being, I'm going to have to keep my projects on the shorter side of things due to real life work.  Hopefully, however, that will allow me to put out movies a bit faster.

This movie does not have voice-over commentary as my previous movies.  Instead, many of the clips have live vent discussion.  Commentary is done with text as needed.

Many of the things  covered here are basic and already known, but it might be useful to some.  There are some other things I want to go over with regards to Huttball but it will have to wait for a future movie.  Things covered in this movie are as follows:

  • Get behind the enemy and in front of your runner to give the runner options
  • Don't throw to someone stuck on the wrong side of a trap
  • Use the hazards and harpoon for quick-scoring opportunities
  • Jump through the acid pit to avoid the snare (or use Hold the Line)
  • Throw the ball away when stuck in a bad situation
  • Use Hold the Line to avoid being pulled


    1. Hi Oozo, just wanted to say that your vids made me reroll from lvl 24 jedi =P im 35 Vanguard now :) ! Will you start to stream in the near future ?

    2. cant watch your new vid on yt btw becaus of the music =O ... germany =/

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    4. Whoops. I'll try to upload it to overnight

    5. Hi, which body type has your character? 2 or 3? :)

    6. Okay, finally have an alternate link. was down for awhile.

    7. The body type is the big muscular guy. I think that is #3.