Friday, December 30, 2011

Oozo Strikes Back: 31-39 Vanguard PvP (Winning Warzones and Line of Sight)

by Raggok


This is my third movie in the Oozo Strikes Back series.  It will feature 31-39 Vanguard Assault PvP.  However, you might notice that I have picked up Gut so, technically, I will have to start referring to my movies as an Assault/Tactics hybrid movie.  I'm working towards a build that utilizes the synergy of the High Impact Bolt skills in the Assault and Tactics trees.  I'll let you know how that works out in the long run.

I've decided to split this movie into two parts.  The first part of this movie will be focusing on winning warzones and using line of sight.  There should be some tips and tricks in here that will be helpful for any class of any level.

I've added commentary to this movie, so I'll keep this introduction short.  Here are some of the topics covered in this movie.
  • Being sneaky without having stealth
  • teh top sekrit path 2 teh middel
  • Avoiding fights to win
  • Using DoTs to keep enemies from capping (nerf it?)
  • Using line of sight to wall-hack without wall-hacking
  • Using line of sight to waste enemy cooldowns
  • Having some fun with Harpoon
  • Winning with mobility in Voidstar

Experienced PvPers should already know much of the above, but hopefully there is a thing or two that some people haven't thought of before.

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  1. Excellent tutorial. I admire your video making skills. I've been wanting to get into making PVP videos for a long time myself. I just never seem to get around to really getting to know window movie maker or something more elegant for putting them together.

    That and the horrid lag I get while frapsing. I think it's because I have fraps record to a different HD than fraps/game files are on.

    Anyway, another AAA video from you man. You're making me want to switch to playing your server. All my PVP bro's are hating on SWTOR and wouldn't come over with me. Sadface.

  2. Thanks. I've been making PvP movies for many years now and it's definitely a learning process. You will need a top end machine to fraps in full screen at high resolution. I've had to deal with the framerate issue myself in the past.

    I am on Darth Bandon USA. However, it's a PvE server. My friends, with a few exceptions, aren't into PvP nearly as much as I am.

  3. I got a pretty high end machine. I figured out the fraps problem actually I think. I get minimal lag at 30 fps with everything on High, with some tweaks I could probably get it going at 60.

    I'm on a pve server too. Hyperspace Cannon. Same deal, most my friends might do a warzone once every now and then. I love PVP, I'm just not fond of the Open World PVP.

  4. Great vid...I can only aspire to PvP like that. I'm kinda noob when it comes to strafing and kiting.

    Anyway, could you give us an idea of what your final build looks like? You mentioned a hybred but most of the builds I'm considering are something like 3/7/31 which doesn't really qualify as a hybred. What talents are you considering from the first two trees?


  5. Nice guide. I followed your tactics and after my 3rd warzone I am very successful at holding one objective alone until help comes.
    A lot of times I held up to 3-4 enemies at one objective for 15-20 seconds until reinforcements arrived and several times I actually made it with 1% and gunned them down from distance :)

  6. Silverlake, I'm headed towards something that looks like this.

  7. Catalin, very cool. Plays like that win games. :)

  8. When harpooning on voidstar: Do you need to shoot them while they are in the air to drop them into the chasm. Or is standing on the edge and harpooning all that's required? It looks like you shoot each time.

  9. Good deal..thanks for the info on harpoon in void. I hadn't tried that yet so will have to once I take a break from trying to catch up on some PvE story content. I like the commentary for what it's worth. aggromagnet L37 V30 shield spec vanguard (salty on taugrim's)