Friday, December 30, 2011

Intergalactic Vanguard Assault PvP Movie

by Raggok

So, I've mentioned before that Star Wars:  The Old Republic has given me the most challenges of any MMORPG I've played when it comes to winning 1v2s and 1vNs.  While that is still true, I did manage to pull off a 6 person chain kill during a warzone.  Unfortunately, Youtube disapproves of the song so I uploaded it to

For full disclosure I should add that this fight would not have been possible if most of the empire had not been Juggernauts.  They tend to be on the easier side to kite, particularly when lower level.  This movie generated some discussion along those lines on the official SWTOR forums.

Intergalactic Vanguard Assault

My next movies for the 31-39 level range are going to done with commentary (the first part of which should be up later today).  I'll most likely have a commented version of the fight linked in this post in a later movie.


Raggok a.k.a. Oozo


  1. Awesome man. Personally I like the uncommented PVP videos a bit more unless it's the step by step break down of the action and pointing out mistakes.

  2. I hear ya. I do point out some of my mistakes in this upcoming movie with text notes. I'm always torn between going for music and entertainment or going with conveying information. Some things are too complex to explain easily with text. And, oddly enough, on the other side of that... some things are too subtle to easily explain with text.