Friday, December 23, 2011

Oozo Strikes Back: 20-29 Vanguard Assault Trooper

by Raggok

Hello. This is my second Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP movie. The movie is a mixture of 1vNs, 1v1s, tricks, and humor. The 1v1s are all against red con enemy players.

I've picked up some nice abilities since my first movieHarpoon is a lot of fun.  I'm used to working with this type of ability already since I played a Death Knight in World of Warcraft.  You can use this ability to pull someone out of position, keep someone from getting away, disrupt a cast, or... my favorite... pull people into hazards in Huttball. My only complaint is that sometimes the ability feels unresponsive.  But, this might be a more far-reaching problem which I will address in a future post.

I also picked up Explosive Surge.  This is an instant cast short-radius AoE burst.  It's nice for pulling stealthers out into the open and for AoEing an objective when multiple people are trying to cap it.  However, it has a high energy cost... so it must be used sparingly.  Later in the game I will end up getting an ability specifically designed to uncover stealthers, so the usefulness of Explosive Surge is going to take a hit.  But for now, you will see me using it quite a lot in this movie as an anti-stealth mechanic.  

I also managed to get my Cybertech high enough to make the first level of grenades.  I'm using Seismic Grenades in this movie.  It's a ground target short-radius AoE knockdown that lasts for 4 seconds. It's great when you have an add come in just as you are about to finish someone off or as an escape mechanism.  It's extremely difficult to "get away" from bad situations in this game.  Almost every class has a long range stun, root, or snare.  People who are out of combat run much faster than you while you are in combat so you will get run down.  It's been challenging, but I do enjoy challenges.

This is not a movie where I play off of the zerg getting a ton of damage and never dying.  Last night I did that since I was done with this movie and wasn't frapsing. I ended up with top damage with the next highest person being 100+K damage below me with no deaths except for a suicide run at the very end of the match.  It was EASY.  Playing that way is easy mode, folks.  And, that is why I don't include that kind of footage in my movies.  Running solo in this game is HARD. In fact, this is the hardest and most challenging game I've played in recent memory when it comes to running solo.  Pulling off 1vNs is extremely difficult due to the time-to-kill a single player.  By the time you kill one player in a 1v2 you have used most of your main cooldowns, you are low health, and you are low on resources.

Now, it might be easier to pull off some 1v2s with a DPS/Healer Hybrid or a Stealth/Control Burster.  But, I haven't played those in this game so I can't say for sure.  I hope to find out some time in the future.  But, for now, I'm having a hell of a lot of fun trying to overcome the 1vN challenges of the game with my Vanguard.

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  1. This is what I'm using at L30.

  2. Loved your old rogue movies from WoW. Was watching some videos on this game and so happy I stumbled upon this one. I was curious as to which server you played on? With there being no brackets would love see have a chance to pvp along side you sometime.

  3. Thank you! Lovin' the PvP on my Vanguard, not to mention the story line is just amazing. Anyway, thanks again for the vid/info great stuff as usual!

  4. I'm playing on Darth Bandon (US PvE).

  5. Gonna pay you a visit, you old coot. I'm playing swtor as well - on eu side, i look forward to your videos. Nonetheless, good to see you're still kicking, the lack of content made me think you gave up on gaming and got married, or something.

  6. Hah! I was out of commission for awhile due to computer issues.