Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Argument AGAINST PvP Brackets

by Raggok

There has been a lot of conversation about enabling PvP brackets similar to World of Warcraft on the official SWTOR forums.  I'm against this for the following two reasons.

  1. There are no cross-realm servers for PvP.  Everyone in the warzone is from your server.  Spreading people out over different brackets would most likely have a negative effect on queue times.  I'd rather being fighting higher level players than not fighting at all.
  2. I like the option of PvPing with my friends even if they are not in the same level bracket.
The main complaint against having no brackets has been having to fight higher level players.  The bolster system does put you on a competitive level with higher level players but you will still be at a disadvantage since you may be lacking key skills and abilities that they have. This disadvantage differs from advanced class to advanced class.  As a trooper, I have not had significant difficulty killing red and orange con enemy players.  I'd accredit this to the trooper acquiring a good balance of PvP tools at lower levels.  In order to make the system work, the developers have to make sure that all advanced classes get their key PvP abilities at lower levels.  Every class needs a control and a  survivability ability available to them at lower levels.  If that is done, the complaints might subside somewhat.  Of course, there will always be players who blame their defeats on anything and anyone but themselves. :)

Later in the game, I'd advocate splitting the queues into two brackets.  A bolstered 10-49 bracket and a bracket exclusively for level 50s.  They'd have to wait until the level 50 population is high enough to support that, however.

Happy to hear any thoughts or disagreements that you might have.


  1. Maybe if there were brackets, people would actually play PvP.

    I don't queue up anymore. Tired of getting owned by premade teams. Lots of problems with the matchmaking system.

    Its WoW all over again: Character(gear)-skills over player-skills.

    I'm glad GW2 isn't making that mistake.

  2. I agree and that's why I've never really railed against the no brackets idea.

    I do think once everyone starts getting 50 we'll at least need a 1-49 and a level 50 brackets to keep the inflated top end 50 gear from COMPLETELY destroying lowbies, once we get new tiers/higher stat 50 gear.

  3. Lars,

    I just tend to disagree. Gear is only making things unbalanced when it's a L50 with PvP gear on. 50s will get their own bracket eventually.

    Premades are something that you have to deal with in any game. When I see a premade on the other side when I'm in a PuG, I just go for kills. It will stress you out to go for a win in that situation.