Friday, February 3, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back 8: 50 Vanguard Tactics/Assault 1v1s and 1vNs

by Raggok


This is another entertainment style vid.  I've indicated the HP of my opponents just to give an idea of what their gear level is.  HP is definitely not a good way to judge skill, however.

I start this movie off with a couple of losses because people need to understand that I am a mature and level-headed PvPer.  I won't publicly trash talk or demean people I kill or beat in PvP.  I'd like to expect the same from others, but I know I can't.  I lose fights against good players.  It happens.  Sometimes I am outgeared.  Sometimes my crucial cooldowns aren't up.  Sometimes I lose because of a class disadvantage (like mercenaries when fighting me, for example).  Sometimes I just flat-out get outplayed.  I expect that most players experience the same.

I've chosen (with a few exceptions) to go with "nail-biter" types of fights in this movie with very close outcomes.  Most of the people in this movie are well-geared or at least have better overal gear than myself.  My gear is a mixture of centurion and champion gear.  I do not have biochem, however I will pop consumables here and there.  :)

When I set out to make a movie, I typically have one of two goals in mind.  And, that is either to educate or entertain.

I hope you enjoy.

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  1. dammit oozo, your videos are great. i've been stalking your blog for days waiting for a new vid. keep it up!

  2. sup oozo nice vid =) you only play vang ? or do you also have a healer ?

    1. Only playing Vanguard ATM. I'm really torn as to what to work on for an alt.

  3. I often refer back to your videos, besides the great (srsly grtz) editing, they're such great tutorials on how to play a vanguard/PT. Do you plan on returning at any point to the commentary style?

    P.S. I also appreciate your good manners.