Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oozo Strikes Back 7: 50 Vanguard 1v1s and 1vNs

by Raggok


This is an entertainment-styled video featuring gameplay on a 50 Vanguard using a Tactics/Assault hybrid build.

The content is a mixture of 1v1s, 1vNs, and some tricks/tips.  The 1v1s are all against players with 15K+ hit points.  For the 1v1s, I avoided clips using my relic and Battle Focus as they can burn someone down very quickly if they don't use consumables as well.  For the 1vNs, everything is fair game as 1vNs in SWTOR are much harder to pull off than in other games.

I have made a few comments about some things that need to be fixed that you can see occur in the movie itself.

1. Players should not be able to accept a warzone queue while in combat.

2. Point blank AoEs often times fail to hit people who are clearly in the AoE area. This happens with Neural Surge, Pulse Cannon, Explosive Surge, etc.

3. I originally thought the green bubble was an animation for Hunker Down, but it isn't. Does Hunker Down have a clear animation or do I actually have to look at the tiny buff bar to see when it is up?

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  1. Hey there,
    Congrats on posting great swtor content, we're lacking it atm! For Vanguard, the only people relevant now on youtube are you and taugrim.
    I'm gonna like and subscribe to your videos, keep up the good work (i.e. gameplay, text and voice commentary!).

  2. i think Oozo me and a handfull of other ppls are the ONLY ONES that dont think like this -> '' oh you are vanguard ... wanna tank my flashpoint ? ''

  3. Thanks for your videos, i learned a lot watching them, can't wait for new ones !

  4. Totally leveled a gunslinger like a retard and recently started a vanguard b/c well I have always been a tank in mmos... I love seeing that tank classes can also do sick dmg in pvp b/c well what is an mmo if you cant make some nerd ragepunch his $5,000 computer he got from his mommy for christmas. Anyhow I learned a lot watching your videos about vanguard pvp but could you maybe make a commentary video about your spec and specifically why you take each talent? Also a video commenting on your rotation more would be helpful as well. I have a long way to go before 50 so I have plenty of time to watch videos along the way lol.

  5. Keep up the good work Oozo. You're an awesome player and I really enjoy your videos. You and taugrim are the two vanguards I watch and learn from.

    Btw, you need to work on your SEO on this blog. I searched via Google and I had to be extremely specific (Oozo SWTOR) and your blog still wasn't the top hit.

  6. BigTex,

    I talk a bit about my build at the beginning of my 4th movie.

  7. Thanks Midric. I'm doing this as a hobby, so no advertising or anything like that. It would be nice to get more views however. :)

  8. Hey sorry man I saw that video after I posted that comment... I would however still like a combat video where you talk about what moves you are using at each point in the match. I know this seems rediculous but I like to plan as much as I can a develop my own strats based off others since I am only lvl 20 atm it is hard to tell what your using b/c I dont know the skill symbols yet. I would assume you run in auto firing and throwing a sticky bomb, then incen round, ion pulse, HI shot, Stock Strike, HI shot, and finish with a Ion pulse if everything procs for you. but that is just my assumption being a lowbie atm :)

  9. Course that being said I totally left out gut... b/c well I'm a lowbie and forgot all about it ROFL

  10. y u no make more?! also is there anyway you can link your songs in the description . i tend to play your videos for background music because i cant find the actual song :D so good

    1. I'm working on an movie right now. Should be done in a day or two. A lot of the music I nab is down when I go to look for it again. :(