Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iFyoUDeathKnight (FUDK)

by Oozo


FUDK is an L70ish Deathknight 1vN movie focusing on action, entertainment, and music.

Many of the 1vNs in this movie are 1v4+ with some sustained fights reaching up to 8-10 kills. I'm not trying to make a statement with these fights. They are for entertainment, as 1vNs typically make for exciting and visually dynamic clips. My DK/gear was definitely OP in the 70 AV. But, I also know that means little to nothing with respect to L80 balance (and so should you).

Here is what you can expect:

  • keybinds (everything except for food, sorry)
  • strafing (yeah, I know.. I'm amazing, right?)
  • engineering (pyro & lightning, very very frightening!)
  • 1vNs (lots of them)
  • a few 1v1s against arena-geared-perma-AV-twink hunters (level-capped FTW)
  • editing such that the action fits the music (or maybe it's the music that fits the action)
  • some pro-deathgrip action (sarcasm)
  • no arenas (yeah, I know... L70, duh)
  • no duels (what? and give away the advantage of SURPRISE!?)
  • no mercy (many green cons were hurt during the making of this movie)
  • humor & humility (I am not GOD and I know it)

Movie Outline:

Part One - "Omen" by The Prodigy (Noisia Remix)

  • intro
  • 1v5 (69 hunter, 70 deathknight, 63 rogue, 70 rogue, 67 mage)
  • I gots death runes
  • 1v5+ chain (70 priest, 70 priest, 68 warrior, 67 mage, 62 deathknight)
  • TIME FILLER 1v1 hunter (meny snaeks kilt!)
  • 1v5 (70 hunter, 66 shaman, 70 mage, 61 hunter, 70 rogue)

Part Two - "Poison Arrow" by ABC

  • 1v1s versus arena-geared L70 hunter twinks
  • and a bizarre love triangle?

Part Three - "The Great Destroyer" by NiN (Darkstar Remix)

  • raw footage with minimal editing
  • 11-man chainkill (64 priest x2, 63 warrior x3, 66 warrior x2, 70 druid x2, 62 paladin, 70 paladin) with some assistance from a suicidal holy nova spamming L64 priest (I tried to save her, really - I did)
  • 1v4 chain (67 druid, 62 warrior, 70 shaman, 65 paladin)

Part Four - "Scorpion" by The Immortals

  • 1v4+ (63 shaman, 62 deathknight, 70 rogue, 65 hunter)

Part Five - "No Man Army" by The Prodigy

  • hungering cold+parachute+cliff = lulz
  • 1v5+ (70 priest, 62 rogue, 66 deathknight, 64 deathknight, 68 paladin)
  • 1v8 chain (70 hunter, 64 hunter, 68 rogue, 64 deathknight, 65 shaman, 66 warrior, 61 deathknight, 61 ALTERAC RAM)
  • FUDK2 preview?
  • will I get crushed when I'm the green/gray con?
Part Six - "I'm About To Whip Somebody's Ass" by Ray (Acid Jazz Remix)

  • outro/credits

Movie link will be given when movie is uploaded and accepted.


  1. Awesome work man. The hunter bit was pure genius, the music, the montage, the orc that goes berserk, being denied nelf luv. It was quite Shakespearean.

    Can't say i'm that surprised, i know you can deliver. I'm pretty disappointed though, you chose to seed the trailer of this movie, but not the movie itself... it can't be that hard, come on, this one is a keeper. And i'm not paying those capitalists... be a team player here Oozo, upload a torrent and seed it for a couple of days :)

  2. I'm not the one seeding it, it's the WCM staff. I don't think they like me since they won't spotlight my movies. :P

    I'll work on breaking up the movie into smaller parts and uploading them to youtube and filefront. But it will probably be at least a week until I have time to do that. I might just break it up by song/part and upload it that way.

    Work work.

    Oh, and thanks for noticing the hunter part. It was fun matching up the action with the song lyrics. :)

  3. Man, not seeding that movie is a sin. I know they never favored you the way they favored so called "stars", but you always pissed them off by winning against odds. I guess they like a certain type of movie makers and target a different audience, i don't know. I guess that's why they're seeding shit like "ming story pvp movie" which are a bit more than edited masturbation. But hey, i wouldn't be here if you weren't the underdog :) Sure i'd like to see you coming out from the shadows, but imo, better to have a handful of smart, handsome, sharp and shrewd fans than a babbling mob of idiots. Yeees, i just called meself smart, handsome, sharp and shrewd. kekek.

    Well, if you wanna go that extra mile, there are dozens of decent trackers you can use to track your movies and seed, i'm missing quite a lot now (druid movies, last iwl, fudk), and even if i get them all, it doesn't mean i'll stop visiting, heheh. They're really small gems, your movies, they reflect a lot of what is WoW like -- i.e. you can overcome the odds if you put your mind to it, you can get zerged and be beaten to a pulp, your own allies might screw you over, don't take yourself and WoW too seriously, in flames is not the only thing to listen to when you pvp, and so on and so forth.

    I stopped by WCM and rated some of your movies to 5, maybe it will bring some seeding soon.

    Thanks again for the work you put into this for our mere entertainment :)

  4. I don't think really think it's personal. ;)

    I just think they are overwhelmed with submissions, so might only notice the big names at first glance. Also, I'm not really good at self-promotion. Kind of hate it actually, but it's necessary. :/

    I sent them an email, and they put my movie into the spotlight rotation, so all is good.

  5. 10k views, gratz man, soon you'll be on the first page :)

  6. I once asked Happyminti what addon he used to track the chain kills on the side of the screen in his video.

    Taking a shot at his estimate of the viewers not being able to remember a 1v3.

    But for this movie, it was needed. God DKs are fucked.. or fudked

    Nice editing as usual playboy. NiN remix was killer.

    I'm uploading the video now Ken if you want to have it.


    You might want to use your spam email address if you got one...but its the only filehost i know that you can upload 2g+ without membership.

  8. Awesome, thanks. :)

    There are some really good NiN remix sites out there. The song below is by far my favorite. I want to use this song soooo badly, but would require levelling a fire mage or something. :P